Protein Synthesis MC Questions


This set contains 69 questions on protein synthesis including transcription, translation and mutations.

Which of the following is commonly removed from RNA before it leaves the nucleus?
A) The stop codon.
B) The promoter.
C) An intron.
D) A polyA tail.
E) A histone.

During translation, a
A) cell makes new mRNA.
B) cell makes new copies of DNA.
C) mRNA molecule is read to make tRNA.
D) mRNA molecule is read to make DNA.
E) mRNA molecule is read to make a polypeptide.

Higher order
To produce a polypeptide of 6 amino acids requires a sequence of ___ nucleotides
A) 6
B) 18
C) 21
D) 24
E) 36

Some of the most effective antibiotics (like erythromycin) work by blocking the movement of the ribosome along prokaryotic mRNA. If the antibiotic erythromycin is administered, which of the following immediate effects would be expected in a bacterial cell?
A) Inhibition of transcription of DNA to RNA.
B) Inhibition of translation of RNA to protein.
C) Inhibition of DNA replication.
D) Inhibition of rRNA transcription only.
E) Inhibition of amino acid synthesis.

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