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My name is Trevor Gallant. I've been teaching since 1997 and in that time I've never met a teacher who described himself or herself as a "master teacher." I've also never met a teacher who, when offered an idea, activity, or resource, replied with "Nah, I have enough resources, thanks." I think the truth is we have too many resources and we struggle to make effective use of them and with the ever-growing number of pages on the web it's becoming easier and easier to find resources.

The real problem is having time to sort through the mountain of information available to be able to find the really good stuff. To be able to find those little gems hidden in a pile of . . . well . . . crap.

A few years ago (in 2003) I started building a website where I could provide high quality resources to my students for use in class. I started posting activities, labs, class notes - anything that I used in my class. Then something unexpected started to happen - people other than my students started visiting my page and I started to get comments about how helpful students and teachers were finding it. While I'm writing this paragraph, my site has had 864,304 hits. That's about 310 people every single day since I launched the site.

That traffic got me thinking. If that many people visit my site just for biology resources, there must be lots and lots of people out there who might really benefit from having a well-organized site with high-quality resources. A site that would save them hours of searching websites looking for one or two useful activities. A site that would save the frustration we've all felt of clicking broken links or being directed to lists of websites. I've experienced the feeling of having wasted a couple of hours looking for a great lab activity only to walk away empty handed.

So that's my vision for this site. With help from lots of great teachers who love to share their tried and true materials, my vision is to build a collection of material that will benefit students and teachers alike. All the activities I'm sharing are available right here on this site as PDF documents. You'll never be directed to another site or to a list of links. I hope you'll find it useful and convenient.

If you do find this collection useful, it would be great if you want to contribute something we can add to the collection. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or comments on how to make the site better, please drop me an email at Trevor@thelessonlocker.com