Membranes and Transport Across MC Questions


This set contains 74 questions on membrane structure and function and transport across membranes, including osmosis, diffusion, facilitated diffusion and active transport.

The reason why temperature affects diffusion is
A) as temperature increases, cells require more energy.
B) as temperature decreases, cells require more energy.
C) as temperature increases, molecular motion increases.
D) as temperature decreases, molecular motion increases.
E) Temperature doesn’t actually affect diffusion.

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of active transport?
A) It is the movement of solutes from low concentration to high concentration.
B) It occurs only across the membrane of a living cell.
C) It uses cell energy.
D) It continues until equilibrium is reached.
E) All of these are characteristics of active transport.

Higher order
You’re growing some cells for a science project but your partner accidentally adds distilled water instead of saline. The cells all burst immediately. What type of cells were you likely using?
A) Fungal cells.
B) Bacterial cells.
C) Plant cells.
D) Animal cells.
E) Viruses.

You are working on a team that is designing a new drug. In order for this drug to work, it must enter the cytoplasm of specific target cells. Which of the following would not be a factor that determines whether the molecule enters the cell?
A) The size of the drug molecule.
B) The polarity of the drug molecule.
C) Whether the molecule is charged or not.
D) The similarity of the drug molecule to other molecules transported by the target cells.
E) The lipid composition of the target cells' plasma membrane.

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