DNA Questions


This set contains 58 questions on DNA and DNA replication as well as a few on DNA technology.

The sides of the DNA “ladder” are composed of _____ while the “rungs” are composed of _____
A) sugar and phosphates; nitrogen bases
B) alternating sugar and nitrogen bases; phosphates
C) nitrogen bases in complementary pairs; sugar and phosphates
D) alternating nitrogen bases and phosphates; sugar
E) sugar; alternating nitrogen bases and phosphates

During DNA replication, which of the following does NOT occur?
A) RNA polymerase elongates both chains of the helix.
B) Helicase unwinds the DNA helix.
C) DNA ligase links the Okazaki fragments.
D) DNA strands grow in the 5' ? 3' direction.
E) complementary bases attach to each DNA strand.

Higher order
On your biology lab exam, you have to identify a molecule as either DNA or RNA. Which of the following would be the best evidence that the molecule is DNA?
A) It is single stranded.
B) The absence of uracil.
C) The presence of thymine.
D) The presence of adenine, guanine, and cytosine.
E) None of these would help you decide.

If a sample of DNA had an adenosine (A) content of 20%, the amount of guanosine (G) would be
A) G = 10%
B) G = 20%
C) G = 30%
D) G = 40 %
E) this cannot be calculated because insufficient data were given.

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