Reproductive System MC Questions


This set contains 77 questions on the human reproductive system including reproductive anatomy and the role of the reproductive hormones.

The function of the _____ is to provide a pathway for the egg from the _____ to the _____
A) oviduct, ovary, uterus
B) vagina, ovary, cervix
C) urethra, ovary, cervix
D) clitoris, vagina, cervix
E) endometrium, ovary, uterus

Chlamydia, a sexually transmitted bacterial infection, may cause tissue scarring and blockage of the oviducts if left untreated. If such damage were to occur, which of the following would remain unaffected?
A) Conception.
B) Fertilization.
C) Ovulation.
D) Implantation.
E) These would all be affected.

Higher order
Which pharmacological strategy is most likely to result in a successful male contraceptive?
A) Maintaining high blood concentration of testosterone.
B) Blocking testosterone receptors on the cells that produce testosterone.
C) Blocking testosterone receptors on the hypothalamus.
D) Maintaining high blood concentration of FSH.
E) None of these would do the trick.

Which of the following would result if the concentration of estrogen and progesterone were increased during the first two weeks of the menstrual cycle?
A) Ovulation would be inhibited because the release of LH and FSH would be decreased.
B) The corpus luteum would be maintained because of the increase in LH.
C) Flow phase would start immediately.
D) Pregnancy would be prevented because the endometrium would be shed.
E) A new follicle would begin to mature.

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