Plants MC Questions


This set contains 67 questions on plant reproduction, anatomy and physiology as well as plant evolution.

The plant characteristic that is present in ferns and absent in mosses is the
A) formation of motile male gametes.
B) alternation of sporophyte and gametophyte generations.
C) presence of both haploid and diploid stages.
D) multicellular plant body.
E) vascular tissue.

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of plants?
A) Glucose is made from photosynthesis.
B) Cell walls contain cellulose.
C) They are autotrophic.
D) Diploid and haploid generations alternate in their life cycle.
E) Diploid and haploid phases of their life cycle produce spores.

Higher order
Cactus plants are adapted to the hot and dry deserts of North and South America. Which of the following characteristics would NOT help cacti to survive the extreme heat and low rainfall?
A) A thick, waxy cuticle.
B) A stem with a small surface area.
C) Stomata that are closed during the day.
D) Thin leaves with a large surface area.
E) Water storage tissue.

Transport of the products of photosynthesis is understood to occur by pressure flow through the phloem from a source (such as the leaves where the products are produced) to a sink (such as a developing fruit where they are used or stored). Which of the following statements about this transport is FALSE?
A) Water enters the phloem by osmosis.
B) Phloem tubes in a source have a low water pressure.
C) Water and sugar move through the phloem tubes because of pressure.
D) Sugar is removed from phloem by active transport in the sink area.
E) Solutes are pushed along by the flow of water in the phloem.

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