Photosynthesis MC Questions


This set contains 54 questions on photosynthesis.

Chlorophyll is a light-absorbing pigment that causes the leaves of most plants to appear green. Which statement about chlorophyll is NOT true?
A) It absorbs a variety of wavelengths of light.
B) By absorbing light energy it contributes to the removal of electrons from water.
C) It is located in the thylakoid membranes inside chloroplasts.
D) It absorbs light energy which can be passed to another chlorophyll.
E) It absorbs the green wavelengths of light.

The Calvin cycle
A) converts carbon dioxide to organic carbon.
B) produces oxygen.
C) cannot occur in light.
D) produces glucose.
E) produces ATP for the light reactions.

Higher order
A scientist who worked on a single-celled green plant (an alga) produced mutant cells that did not contain chloroplasts. To keep these cells alive, the scientist had to
A) provide them with high light intensity.
B) keep them in the dark.
C) provide them with a sugar solution.
D) give them chlorophyll.
E) increase the temperature.

The energy conversion that occurs in the process of photosynthesis is best described as
A) light energy is changed into chemical energy.
B) chemical energy is changed into heat energy.
C) light energy is changed into heat energy.
D) chemical energy is changed into cell energy.
E) chemical energy is changed into another form of chemical energy.

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