Organelles MC Questions


This set contains 71 questions on organelles and other cell structures.

An ameoba is actively digesting a smaller cell it has engulfed. Which of the following organelles is most actively involved?
A) mitochondria
B) ribosomes
C) Golgi apparatus
D) vacuole
E) lysosomes

In the biology lab, your friend is looking at a cell under the microscope and says she sees little hairs all around the edge of it. What is she seeing?
A) cilia
B) paramecia
C) plastids
D) glycoproteins
E) flagella

Higher order
If you could suddenly remove all the protein molecules from the cell membrane (without destroying the cell), which of the following would you expect to happen?
A) Transport of all molecules across the membrane would stop.
B) Transport of most ions across the membrane would stop.
C) The amount of phospholipid in the membrane would decrease.
D) The diffusion of some small, non-polar molecules would decrease.
E) There would be no change in transport across the membrane.

While studying a cell with an electron microscope, a scientist notes the following; numerous ribosomes, a well-developed ER, chloroplasts, and a cell wall. Which of the following could be the source of this cell?
A) fungus
B) animal
C) bacterial
D) plant
E) virus

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