Genetics and Heredity MC Questions


This set contains 97 questions on Mendelian genetics and other inheritance patterns, sex-linkage, Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, and pedigrees. The set also includes genetics word problems.

The way a gene is expressed in an individual is called the
A) genotype of the individual.
B) incomplete dominance in the individual.
C) linked gene.
D) locus.
E) phenotype of the individual.

In general, which sex chromosome(s) will be contained in a gamete produced by a human male?
A) One y chromosome.
B) One X chromosome and one y chromosome.
C) Either an X or a y chromosome.
D) A random number of chromosomes.
E) This cannot be predicted as it is completely random.

Higher order
Individuals with the genotypes Bb and BB have the same phenotype because
A) B is dominant over b.
B) both organisms are homozygous.
C) the recessive trait is expressed.
D) both organisms are hybrids.
E) These individuals do not have the same phenotype.

A man and woman, neither of whom has cystic fibrosis (a recessive disorder), are the biological parents of two children who do have the disorder. What is the probability that the next child of these parents will have cystic fibrosis?
A) 100%
B) 75%
C) 50%
D) 25%
E) 0%

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