Excretion and Osmoregulation MC Questions


This set contains 56 questions on excretion and osmoregulation.

A desert species would be expected to excrete itís nitrogenous waste in the form of
A) ammonia.
B) urea.
C) uric acid.
D) dilute urine.
E) concentrated urine.

A patient complains that he is producing very little urine. Tests determine that urine is collecting in the renal pelvis rather than passing to the urinary bladder. Which structure is likely blocked?
A) ureter
B) collecting duct
C) urethra
D) renal artery
E) It could be any of these.

Higher order
A patientís urine contains an above average concentration of urea. To try to regulate this using diet, what food would you tell her to eat less of?
A) Fats.
B) Carbohydrates.
C) Sweets.
D) Water.
E) Proteins.

Your dad gets back from his regular medical checkup and says that his doctor told him he had high blood pressure. Which of the following would you be concerned about?
A) A family history of kidney disease.
B) His life style.
C) His salt intake.
D) The stress he feels at work.
E) You would worry about all of these.

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