Evolution MC Questions


This set contains 154 questions on evolution, natural selection, origin of species, and Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium.

A population of centipedes is separated from one another by a stream. This is an example of _______ isolation.
A) habitat
B) temporal
C) behavioral
D) mechanical
E) gametic

Differences among individuals of a species are referred to as
A) natural variation.
B) natural selection.
C) fitness.
D) adaptations.
E) evolution.

Higher order
When lions prey on a herd of antelope, some antelope are killed and some escape. Which part of natural selection might be used to describe this situation?
A) Artificial selection.
B) Speciation.
C) Descent with modification.
D) Survival of the fittest.
E) Natural variation.

When we look at the fossils of vertebrate organisms, we find that the number and location of many bones are similar to those of living vertebrates. This observation is best explained by
A) the fact that the organisms aquired similar traits.
B) the existence of a common ancestor.
C) convergent evolution.
D) natural variation in an ancestral population.
E) natural selection.

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