Enzymes and Energy MC Questions


This set contains 74 questions on enzymes, metabolism, free energy and cellular energetics.

Which term most precisely describes the cellular process of breaking down large molecules into smaller ones?
A) catalysis
B) metabolism
C) anabolism
D) dehydration
E) catabolism

How does a noncompetitive inhibitor inhibit binding of a substrate to an enzyme?
A) It binds to the substrate.
B) It binds to the active site.
C) It lowers the activation energy of the reaction.
D) It blocks the active site so that substrate cannot enter.
E) It changes the shape of the active site.

Higher order
In the reaction A ? B + C + heat,
A) there is a net input of energy.
B) the potential energy of the products is greater than that of the reactant.
C) the potential energy of the products is the same as that of the reactant.
D) the potential energy of the products is less than that of the reactant.
E) entropy has decreased.

Which statement about feedback inhibition is NOT true?
A) It can be a result of an allosteric change in the enzyme.
B) It is often directed at the first enzyme in a chain of reactions.
C) It affects the rate of reaction but not the concentration of the enzyme.
D) It is self-regulating.
E) It is irreversible.

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