Cellular Respiration MC Questions


The set contains 104 questions about glycolysis, the citric acid cycle, electron transport and chemiosmosis. It includes the structure, function and production of ATP.

_____ pathways release stored energy by breaking down complex molecules.
A) Anabolic
B) Catabolic
C) Fermentation
D) Thermodynamic
E) Bioenergetic

Of the following events in cellular respiration, which occurs in the cytosol?
A) phosphorylation of glucose
C) Krebs cycle
D) carbon fixation
E) none of these

Higher order
Cyanide stops the flow of electrons in the mitochondrial ETC. What would be the expected effect of this chemical?
A) The production of ATP would increase.
B) The proton motive force would increase.
C) Less O2 would be consumed.
D) Glycolysis would be stopped.
E) ATP synthase would become more active to produce more ATP.

Oxidation reactions are often coupled with the formation of ATP because
A) oxidation decreases the energy of the molecule oxidized.
B) ATP releases the energy needed for the oxidation.
C) energy is stored in the molecule being oxidized.
D) the oxidized molecule requires energy to become stable.
E) phosphates contain oxygen.

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