Cell Cycle and Meiosis MC Questions


The set contains 95 questions about the Cell Cycle, Mitosis and Meiosis.

In the cell cycle, the period of time between cell divisions is called
A) interphase.
B) mitosis.
C) cytokinesis.
D) G0 phase.
E) G1 and G2 phase.

In the biology lab you are looking at some onion root tip cells and notice the chromosomes are scattered randomly and X-shaped. Which phase of the cell cycle are they in?
A) prophase
B) metaphase
C) anaphase
D) telophase
E) interphase

Higher order
A cytologist studying onion cells notes that after 12 hours, the amount of DNA in a cell has doubled. Which of the following is the best explanation for this observation?
A) Nucleotides have diffused into the cell.
B) Metaphase has begun, concentrating chromosomes in the centre of the cell.
C) Protein synthesis has stopped, resulting in an overproduction of DNA.
D) New cell membranes have been formed during cytokinesis.
E) The S phase of the cell cycle has occurred.

You are looking at two videos of cells in mitosis but the videos are not labelled. One video is of plant cells while the other is of animal cells. During which phase would it be easiest to tell them apart?
A) Prophase because in plants the nucleus will be visible.
B) Metaphase because in animals the homologous pairs will align at the cell equator.
C) Anaphase because the chromatids will have separated in animal cells.
D) Telophase because nuclei only form in animal cells.
E) Cytokinesis because a new cell wall be visible.

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