Kingdom Animalia MC Questions


The set contains 87 questions which address general characteristics of animals and the evolutionary trends seen in Kingdom Animalia.

You finally get a chance to take that trip to Australia you’ve always dreamed of. While there you see an animal that is really cool looking. It appears to be a mother with a young baby. The baby is in a pouch. This animal is most likely a
A) monotreme.
B) marsupial.
C) placental mammal.
D) bird.
E) reptile.

In the lab, the mesoderm of an early embryo is destroyed. Which would you expect to find missing as the embryo developed?
A) digestive tract
B) skin
C) feathers
D) circulatory system
E) Both B and C.

Higher order
Insects far outnumber the crustaceans, and have a greater diversity of species. This is probably because
A) insects develop by metamorphosis, while crustaceans usually molt.
B) terrestrial environments are more varied than aquatic environments.
C) insects have a clearly segmented body, while some segments are fused in the crustaceans.
D) the appendages of insects are more varied than those of the crustaceans.
E) insects are more cephalized.

While doing field work in a forest, you discover a new animal which seems to have eye spots at one end. Which type of symmetry would you expect the animal to have?
A) spherical
B) radial
C) lateral
D) bilateral
E) All of the above.

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